The Mixtape to My Life Character Profile: Justin Ortega

So you hear me (or actually read) talk about my upcoming book The Mixtape to My Life. I’ve talked about the story and the music, but what about the characters? Well I’m going to fix that. Starting now, I’m going to regularly release a character profile of the wonderful personalities that make up the story. And what better place to start than the MC himself, Justin Ortega.

Who are they?

Justin Ortega is a seventeen year old junior in high school. He’s not shy, but doesn’t make friends easily. He’s gay, but only out to his best friend Benny.

What do they love?

Justin loves to write, and has started dabbling in poetry. He’s a member of the high school marching band, where he plays the cymbals. He also loves music, especially 80s glam rock. He loves music so much he uses it to score important moments in his life via an excessive amount of mixtapes.

What makes them special?

Justin is just like everyone in high school; young, clueless and just trying to manage to get through the day without dealing with his bullies.

Who would play them in a movie?

That’s a good question. I think if I had to choose a type, it would be a teenage Jonah Hill or Seth Rogan. Someone chubby who can be awkward, but has a way with a one liner.

Would you be friends with Justin?


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