The Mixtape to My Life Character Profile: Benny

Most MC’s have a best friend, a confidant that they can share their deep innermost thoughts with. For Justin, that would be Benny, his happy-go-lucky joker of a friend that he would do anything for (as you will see in the book).

Who are they?

Benny is that sweet, cute, chubby, funny guy that never stops smiling. His humor though isn’t for everyone. Benny isn’t shy about letting a burp fly into someone’s face (among other things). But deep down, he’s a caring individual that has Justin’s back whenever he needs it. He knows about Justin, but doesn’t care. He likes him as a person, and wants to see him happy. How much is he willing to do for Justin, you’ll just have to wait and see.

What do they love?

His friends mostly. But he also loves to mess around. Plus, like most teenagers, his hormones can sometimes get the best of him.

What makes them special?

Benny is the kind of guy you always want to have around, the type that goes to great lengths to make you feel good. Sometimes it’s a little overboard, but it’s always meant with the best intentions.

What music do they like?

Benny isn’t fully into the type of music Justin likes, and often teases him for it. He’s more of a 90s grunge/rock kind of guy.

Did you ever have a friend like Benny?


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