Music Monday: Poison by Alice Cooper

Everyone knows someone who they can call their own personal poison. Songs have been written about it, and I had plenty to choose from. But when I really thought about which one Justin would love, I immediately went to Alice Cooper.

Released in 1989, Poison was featured on Cooper’s eighteenth album Trash, and would go on to be one of his biggest hits. The song would chart at number 7 on the US Billboard Top 100 and number 3 on the UK charts. Billboard also named Poison the 91st best song of 1989, and Ultimate Classic Rock considered it to be Cooper’s 7th best song.

I always like to look up songs to find out there meanings, but with Poison, that was a bit of a task. If you do a search, you’ll find tons of interpretations. Some think it is about drug abuse, while others find it about toxic relationships. For me, I think the song taps into a situation that you want so bad you can taste it, but it might not end well. That’s where Justin finds himself in that particular chapter. He wants something so bad, it’s almost an addiction, one that could end up hurting him if it doesn’t work out. So he has to decide if the chance is worth taking.

Here’s the video for those who are curious about the song. You can also check out the rest of the songs that inspired The Mixtape to My Life by hitting the Spotify icon below.

How do you interpret the song? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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