The Mixtape to My Life Character Profile: Santos

Every high school story has a villain, someone who makes our hero’s life a living pain. In The Mixtape to My Life, that person is Santos, a mean take no-prisoners type of person that is so dynamic people actually think he’s a nice guy.

What’s he like?

Santos is short, but you wouldn’t know it from the way he carries himself. As Justin puts it, “he’s like a James Bond villain, only without the tux.” He is a charmer who seems to attract a crowd, even when at his cruelest.

What makes him special?

It would have to be his ability to draw people in. Perhaps they are afraid of him, perhaps they really do think he’s a great guy. Who knows? But whatever it is, he is able to have people hang on his every word.

What music does he like?

It would probably be the opposite of anything Justin loves, since he thinks whatever Justin loves is the worst and worth making fun of.

Who would you compare him to?

I think the closest would be Flash Thompson from the latest Spider-Man movies, but without the wit and a bigger mean streak.

Do you know anyone like Santos?


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