Music Monday: Kiss Me Deadly by Lita Ford

For this Music Monday, we’ve got a song that helps describe that moment your with someone so intense that you want them to give you the kisses to end all kisses: Kiss Me Deadly by Lita Ford.

A Little Background

Lita Ford was a former member of the groundbreaking The Runaways, the first all-female rock band, before launching her own career in the late 80s. Kiss Me Deadly is one of her best known hits, and is her highest solo charting song (Close My Eyes Forever with Ozzy Osbourne charted higher). Some of you younger folk may know it thanks to the Captain Marvel movie.

How it Fits Into the Story

Justin from The Mixtape to My Life has an active imagination. One thing he likes to fantasize about is falling in love, with one guy in particular. After one meeting, he decides he needs the perfect song to picture their first kiss. Kiss Me Deadly is that song.

Kiss me once.

Kiss me twice.

Come on pretty baby, kiss me deadly.

That kinds of just says it all, doesn’t it.Nothing captures the feeling of wanting to be kissed. But not just kissed. Kissed so bad that you feel it throughout your whole body. He may not get that kiss, but for now he will settle for dreaming about it.

Check out the video below, then head down even further to the Spotify icon at the bottom of the page to see what other songs inspired The Mixtape to My Life.

Do you have a song that reminds you of how much you want to be kissed?


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