The Mixtape to My Life Cover Reveal

As we get closer to the release date for The Mixtape to My Life (March 27th), more from the book will be revealed. So what’s first, well the cover of course!

But before we get to that, I just want to say that this cover really captured the look and feel of what I was hoping to achieve with the book. Not only does it brilliantly incorporate a cassette tape, but it gives that hopeful flavor that someone like my main character Justin would feel. He longs to break out from his small town life to the bigger city, and often looks to the sky for escape. The designer did such a wonderful job with this that I don’t think I cannot say enough thank you’s. But anyways, you didn’t come here to listen to me go on and on about how much I love the cover, so here we go…..

Isn’t it just the best! Now more than ever I can’t wait for you to see the book when it’s released. As I said in the beginning, more details are coming so stay tuned!

For an excerpt, click here.


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